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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

All electrical devices create noise magnetically during operation. These noises cause magnetic devices to affect each other, and EMC tests are applied to minimize this effect.

EMC Installation Services

Our company provides EMC installation services all around the world. With our +10 years of experience, we have installed 64 emc chambers in 37 countries. In addition, we offer location change and technical support services. Our primary goal is privacy and satisfaction. Our services are provided on a turn-key basis after passing all tests and obtaining the necessary approvals.

Our Services

EMC Anechoic Test Chambers & Magnetic Field Shielding installation

Emc Design – Installation Service: Our company provides installation service after the design for your needs. Although 3m, 5m, 10m rooms are often preferred, we can also produce different solutions for your needs.

EMC Location Change: Your EMC chamber whose location you want to change is carefully disassembled and transported to the installation location. It is reinstalled after checking.

Emc Maintenance, Repair, Modification: Your emc chamber is professionally maintained by our company, if it is out of use, it is repaired, if you have a change request, it is modified again.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

The term electromagnetic compatibility is abbreviated as EMC.

Emc Chambers are used for testing electronic devices.

EMC chambers are used to test and improve the magnetic noise produced by electronic devices.

The emc installation means the setup of the anechoic platform on which the emc tests will be performed.

Electronic devices create magnetic noise during operation. The irregularity of these noises may cause the devices to affect each other negatively. Emc test is done to bring these noises to the optimum level.