Automotive EMC Chambers are used to test Automotive parts or complete vehicles.

Standards Provided

  • CISPR 25
  • ISO 11451/11452
  • SAE J551
  • SAE J1113
External dimension: 5.5m x 5.5m x 3.5m (LxWxH)
Load capacity: 1500 Kg (Minimum), Higher Load Capacity Option Available
Frequency range: 30 MHz to 40 GHz
ANSI C63.4 Compliance: Yes
CISPR 16 Compliance: Yes
Normalised site attenuation deviation (NSA): better than  ±3.5 dB between from 30MHz to 1 GHz sVSWR deviation better than ±5.5 dB from 1 GHz to 18 GHz.
IEC/EN 61000-4-3 Compliance: Yes
Field Uniformity deviation: better than 6 dB at 75% of 16 measuring points from 26 MHz/ 80 MHz to 18 GHz

Automotive EMC Chambers: The Key to Product Safety and Reliability

Automotive EMC chambers are specialized laboratories used to test the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of automotive equipment. EMC is electromagnetic radiation emitted from a device or system that can interfere with the operation of other devices or systems.

Supported Tests

  • Electromagnetic emissions testing: This test measures the level of EMI emitted by the equipment.
  • Electromagnetic immunity testing: This test measures how the equipment performs when exposed to EMI.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing: This test verifies that the equipment meets both emissions and immunity requirements.


  • Accurate and reliable test results: Automotive EMC chambers control the exposure of the equipment to EMI, ensuring accurate and reliable test results.
  • Time and cost savings: Automotive EMC chambers reduce the exposure of the equipment to EMI, which can save time and money on testing.
  • Increased product safety and reliability: Automotive EMC chambers improve the equipment’s resistance to EMI, which can increase product safety and reliability.

Automotive EMC chambers play an important role in the automotive industry. These chambers help to ensure that automotive equipment operates safely and reliably.

CISPR 25 Chamber Dimensions

Chamber Type Total Required Space External Dimensions Internal Clearance
CISPR 25 ESA 5.50 m x 4.30 m x 3.50 m 5.50 m x 4.30 m x 3.30 m 4.62 m x 3.42 m x 2.86 m
18.04 ft x 14.11 ft x 11.48 ft 18.04 ft x 14.11 ft x 10.83 ft 15.16 ft x 11.22 ft x 9.38 ft
  • The total area required for an automotive EMC chamber includes the steel structure, door drive track, and HVAC ducts.
  • The external dimensions do not include the steel structure, so you need to take this into account when choosing a location.
  • The internal clearance is measured from absorber to absorber and from the ground plane to the absorber.

CISPR 25 Chamber Performance

Frequency Range 150 kHz – 30 MHz 30 MHz – 1000 MHz 1 GHz – 2.5 GHz
Test distance 1m 1m 1m
Test bench size 2.5m x 1.0m 2.5m x 1.0m 2.5m x 1.0m
Test axis In-axis In-axis In-axis
Deviation +/- 6dB +/- 6dB +/- 6dB


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